Everything You Should Know about Tom DeLonge’s Black ‘To The Stars’ Fender Stratocaster

Tom DeLonge has been a prominent figure in the music industry for over two decades, with his signature style and songwriting prowess leaving a lasting impact on the pop-punk genre.

His work with Blink-182 has helped shape the sound of a generation, and his solo projects have showcased his versatility and willingness to explore new musical horizons.

Recently Tom released a limited-edition black ‘To The Stars’ Fender Stratocaster, marking a collaboration with his company, To The Stars.

In this Blog, we’ll talk about the “To The Stars” Guitar in more detail.


The Guitar is available on the Official “To The Stars” Store.
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To The Stars: Expanding Horizons Beyond Music

The unique name of the new guitar pays homage to To The Stars, a Company that Tom founded in 2017.

To The Stars, reflects Tom’s diverse interests and his commitment to pushing boundaries in both music and science. The company’s work in entertainment and scientific research demonstrates DeLonge’s belief in the power of creativity and innovation to drive progress and discovery.

Limited-Edition Black ‘To The Stars’ Fender Stratocaster

The limited-edition black ‘To The Stars’ Fender Stratocaster stands as a testament to DeLonge’s enduring passion for music and his unwavering resilience in the face of adversity.

It will be available for purchase on November 24th at 9 am Pacific time.

You can check the post on Instagram by Tom below:

The “To The Stars” Stratocaster exudes a captivating presence with its all-black hardware and satin black finish. This understated elegance is complemented by a single knob in “To The Stars” signature red, adding a subtle yet striking pop of color.

The guitar’s overall aesthetic is both modern and timeless, reflecting DeLonge’s signature style and enduring influence in the music industry.

A Certificate of Authenticity and a Custom Hardshell Case

Adding to the guitar’s exclusivity is a Certificate of Authenticity signed by Tom DeLonge himself. This personalized touch further enhances the value of the guitar and serves as a testament to its limited-edition status.

Additionally, each guitar comes with a custom hardshell case featuring the TTS* logo and Tom’s original signature artwork, providing both protection and a stylish way to transport the instrument.


With only 300 units available worldwide, the “To The Stars” Stratocaster is truly a collector’s item.

Priced at $1499.99, this exclusive guitar is well worth the investment for those seeking a unique and exceptional instrument.

Owning a Piece of Music History

Owning the “To The Stars” Stratocaster is more than just acquiring an instrument; it’s about owning a piece of music history.

This exclusive guitar embodies DeLonge’s creativity, dedication, and enduring passion for music. It’s a tangible connection to one of the most influential figures in pop-punk history, and a symbol of the enduring power of music to inspire and connect people worldwide.

Where to Buy

Stay tuned to the To The Stars website for updates on the release of the limited-edition “To The Stars” Stratocaster.

With its limited availability and high demand, this exclusive guitar is sure to be a coveted item among music enthusiasts and collectors alike.

A Year of Fender Collaborations for Tom DeLonge

The “To The Stars” Stratocaster exclusive release isn’t the only Fender bearing DeLonge’s signature this year. Earlier in the year, DeLonge surprised fans with a tiny replica of the guitar featured in Blink-182’s “Dammit” music video.

He also released a new version of his classic Daphne Blue signature Strat, which has been a popular choice among guitarists for over two decades.


What is the Tom DeLonge To The Stars guitar?

The Tom DeLonge TTS guitar is a limited-edition Stratocaster released in collaboration between Fender and To The Stars, the company founded by Blink-182 guitarist Tom DeLonge.

How many To The Stars guitars are being made?

Only 300 units of the TTS guitar are being made worldwide, making it a truly collectible piece.

When will the To The Stars guitar be released?

The exact release date for the TTS guitar is November 24th at 9 am Pacific time.

How much will the To The Stars guitar cost?

The TTS guitar is expected to retail for $1499.99.

Where can I purchase the To The Stars guitar?

The TTS guitar will be available for purchase through the To The Stars website.

What kind of tone does the To The Stars guitar have?

The TTS guitar is designed to have a powerful and versatile tone that is suitable for a wide range of genres, from pop-punk to rock to blues.

What kind of pickups does the To The Stars guitar have?

The TTS guitar features a single custom-designed Seymour Duncan humbucking pickup.

What kind of hardware does the To The Stars guitar have?

The TTS guitar features all-black hardware, including a locking tremolo system and Gotoh tuners.

What kind of finish does the To The Stars guitar have?

The TTS guitar features a satin black finish that gives it a smooth and sleek appearance.

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