Ultimate-Guitar Launches the Game-Changing “Instant Chords” Extension (A Review)

Hey, fellow Guitar enthusiasts! 🎸

I’ve got some exciting news for you from the world of guitar playing: Ultimate-Guitar just dropped a bombshell with their latest creation – the Instant Chords Extension!

If you’ve ever wished for a tool that could seamlessly connect your music streaming with instant chord and tab access, this might just be your musical genie.

Below is the Summary of the Extension, if you’re in a hurry.

NameInstant Chords Extension
DeveloperUltimate Guitar USA LLC
CompatibilityChrome browser
Supported PlatformsSpotify, YouTube, YouTube Music
Key FunctionalityInstant access to chords and tabs with one click
Ease of UseUser-friendly installation and seamless integration
CostFree – no need for an Ultimate Guitar account or subscription
Version1.2 (as of the last update on November 16, 2023)
Update FrequencyRegular updates for enhanced performance
Size49.41 KiB
Privacy PolicyData collection limited to user activity and website content, with privacy assurances
Support and AssistanceAccess to the developer’s support site for questions, suggestions, or issues

Let’s talk about the Instant Chords extension in detail and see if it’s worth it’s salt.

How To Install the Instant Chords Extension

First things first – getting started. Adding the “Instant Chords” extension to your Chrome browser is as easy as strumming your favorite chord.

Instant Chords by Ultimate-Guitar
  • Grab the ‘Instant Chords: Tab Connect’ extension for your Chrome browser.
  • Click on the “Add to Chrome” button and get it installed.
  • Done!

Wasn’t that easy?

There are currently 500 users of this extension with an average of 5-star ratings. This speaks a lot.

Moving On. Let’s talk about how it actually works.

How Does it Work?

It’s not complicated at all! Just follow the simple steps below to find the chords of any song.

  • Play your favorite tunes on Spotify, YouTube Music, or anywhere with YouTube videos.
  • Hit that ‘Open Chords’ button on your player.
  • Boom! Instant access to the song’s chords or tabs on Ultimate-Guitar.com.
  • Time to rock and roll!

I’ve attached a couple of Screenshots from YouTube and Spotify for your reference.

instant chords
instant chords

As soon as click on the “Get Chords” Button, it opens up the Ultimate-Guitar website and displays all the available versions of the chords for that song.

Instant Chords Extension

This simply means that if a song is not available in the ultimate-guitar repository, then you won’t be able to fetch the chords.

But so far, I am satisfied with the extension. Maybe because my music choices are quite mainstream.

The extension becomes your backstage pass to the world of chords and tabs, making it accessible to players of all skill levels.


Let’s talk about the real star of the show – the features.

Compatibility and Connectivity

What good is a chord-finding buddy if it’s not compatible with your favorite music platforms? Fear not!

The Instant Chords Extension is compatible with Spotify, YouTube, and YouTube Music, ensuring that you can rock on, regardless of your preferred music source.

Currently, it doesn’t support other streaming services such as Pandora, Amazon Music, Apple Music, or Soundcloud. These may be supported in the future.

No Strings Attached: The Promise of Free Access

Affordability is music to our ears, and I’m happy to report that “Instant Chords” doesn’t break the bank.

No need for an Ultimate Guitar account or a subscription – It works for the Free plan as well.

Privacy Matters: A Closer Look

We get it – privacy is paramount.

The Instant Chords Extension collects the following information:

User activity: Network monitoring, clicks, mouse position, scroll or keystroke logging

Website content: Text, images, sounds, videos, or hyperlinks

The developer’s commitment to privacy, with transparent data collection practices and assurances, adds an extra layer of trust.

Pros and Cons


  • Provides instant, one-click access to chords and tabs.
  • Seamlessly integrates with popular music platforms.
  • User-friendly with easy installation.
  • Free of charge, no subscription required.
  • Regular updates for improved performance.
  • Transparent privacy policy with limited data collection.


  • Currently supports only the English language.
  • Exclusive to Chrome browser users.
  • Requires an internet connection for functionality.
  • Some users may have privacy concerns.
  • Optimized for Spotify, YouTube, and YouTube Music.
  • Limited support for embedded videos beyond YouTube

The Final Chord: Our Verdict

Does it live up to the hype? Is it a game-changer for your guitar sessions?

The Instant Chords Extension is not just a tool; it’s a musical companion that unlocks new dimensions in your guitar-playing journey.

Whether you’re strumming for the first time or you’re a seasoned player, this extension deserves a spot in your browser.

Our review aims to be your guide, answering all the questions you might have about this innovative extension.

So, grab your guitar, hit play on your favorite song, and let’s unlock the magic of instant chords together.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Instant Chords Extension?

It’s a Chrome extension by Ultimate Guitar that provides one-click access to chords and tabs while you listen to music on Spotify, YouTube, or YouTube Music.

How do I install the Instant Chords Extension?

Add it to your Chrome browser and follow the simple setup steps – it’s quick and user-friendly.

Is there a cost or subscription required?

No, it’s totally free – no need for an Ultimate Guitar account or subscription.

Which platforms does it support?

Spotify, YouTube, and YouTube Music are all supported.

Can I use it if I’m a beginner at playing the guitar?

Absolutely! The extension is designed for players of all skill levels.

Does it work with all songs, including those on YouTube?

Yes, it finds chords and tabs for any song, even those in embedded YouTube videos.

How frequently is the extension updated?

Regular updates ensure performance improvements and added features.

What kind of user data does it collect?

It collects user activity and website content, as detailed in the privacy policy.

Can I get support if I encounter issues?

Yes, visit the developer’s support site for assistance with questions or problems.

Is the extension available in languages other than English?

Currently, it supports the English language.

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