Rocktron Velocity VT60 Guitar Amplifier Review

I recently got to know about the Rocktron Velocity VT60 guitar amplifier, and I’ve got to say, It’s one of the best value-for-money amps I’ve ever heard!

Though I don’t own a VT60 personally, I’ve done my research and I’ve heard how it sounds. So, you can be assured that this review is going to be a genuine one 😇

velocity vt60 guitar amplifier

Having said that, join me in the review of the uber-cool Velocity VT60 Amplifier.

Let’s try to understand what all things make it such a great amplifier!

Overview of the Velocity VT60 Guitar Amplifier

Let’s dive into the nitty-gritty of the Rocktron Velocity VT60 guitar amplifier’s design and features.

The weight of the Rocktron Velocity VT60 guitar amplifier is approximately 45 pounds (20.4 kilograms).

Velocity VT60 Guitar Amplifier

Design and Appearance:

  • The VT60 sports a classic black Tolex finish, giving it a sleek and professional look that’ll fit right in on any stage or in your studio.
  • The slanted speaker baffle is a clever design choice, ensuring that your guitar tones are projected with maximum impact.
  • It’s a combo amp – it simply means that it combines the preamp and power amp into a single unit. This makes it more portable and straightforward to set up.

Key Specifications:

  • Wattage: 
    This beast packs a punch with 60 watts of power. It’s loud enough for gigs but won’t blow your windows out when practicing at home. lol.
  • Speaker Configuration: 
    The VT60 comes with a single 12-inch speaker. This speaker has good tonal qualities and will add a unique character to your sound.
  • Tubes: 
    The VT60 features two 12AX7 tubes. These are the real deal when it comes to tube-driven amplification, delivering that classic tube warmth and headroom.
  • Made in the USA: 
    It’s proudly crafted in the United States, ensuring quality craftsmanship and attention to detail.
velocity vt60 guitar amplifier
source: Official Documentation

Below are the knobs/controls on the front of the amplifier

1 POWER switch


3 LOOP switch

4 BASS control

5 MID control

6 TREBLE control

7 LEVEL control


9 BASS control

10 MID control

11 MID FREQ control

12 TREBLE control


14 LEVEL control


16 HUSH control

17 VOLUME control

18 INPUT jack

velocity vt60 guitar amplifier
source: Official Documentation

Below are the I/O functionalities on the rear side of the amplifier:

1 LOOP SEND jack




5 Power Inlet module

Built-In Features:

  • HUSH Noise Reduction: 
    This amp features Rocktron’s HUSH noise reduction technology with V.I.R. circuitry.
  • Switchable Effects Loop: 
    The built-in effects loop allows you to seamlessly integrate your favorite pedals and external effects into your signal chain.
  • Dual Footswitch Functions: 
    The VT60 supports dual footswitch functions, so you can easily switch between channels and activate or deactivate the effects loop.
  • Volume Pedal Jack: 
    There’s a volume pedal jack for easy master control, allowing you to fine-tune your output on the fly.

Special Features:

  • The VT60 comes with Rocktron’s patented features like a toroid transformer for quiet operation and high voltage twin 12AX7 tubes.
  • It includes a high-quality power chip with self-peak instantaneous temperature protection and output protection from shorts to ground, making it reliable and durable

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Sound Quality and Performance

Alright, let’s talk about the sound quality and tonal magic of the Rocktron Velocity VT60. This amp is like a treasure chest of Sonic goodness.

As I mentioned before, it’s got a characterful, 12-inch speaker. That little tweak alone adds a whole new dimension to your sound. The tones are crisp, and the projection is stunning. It’s like your guitar sound is speaking to you in high definition.

Unfortunately, this is the only video I found for this amp. It’s old and low quality. But you can still hear, how great it sounds! I absolutely love some of these tones.

Now, the versatility here is what really blew my mind. With those high-voltage 12AX7 tubes, you get this beautiful tube warmth and headroom. That’s a fancy way of saying it sounds warm and full, even when you’re pushing it hard.

So, whether you’re into sweet cleans or full-throttle distortion, this amp’s got your back.

You’ve got this switchable effects loop that’s a pedal lover’s dream. You can hook up your favorite stompboxes and effects and go wild. And the HUSH noise reduction, it’s like your personal noise ninja. Say goodbye to unwanted buzz and hiss.

Now, about genres – this amp is like a chameleon. It can handle a wide range of music styles. Blues? Check. Rock? Double-check. Metal? You betcha. The sweepable midrange frequencies give you so much room to dial in your preferred sound. It’s like having your own tone workshop.

And did I mention the dual footswitch functions? That’s your secret weapon for on-the-fly changes. You can smoothly switch between clean and dirty channels, and toggle your effects on and off. It’s like having a dedicated tone-shifter at your feet.


Achieving various tones and effects with the Rocktron Velocity VT60 is a rewarding journey!

I’m gonna list some tips and guidance to help you get the most out of this versatile amplifier.

1. Clean Tones:

  • For sparkling clean tones, start with the gain control at a low setting.
  • Adjust the bass, midrange, and treble knobs to taste. For pristine cleans, consider boosting the treble and mids slightly.

2. Crunchy Blues Tones:

  • To achieve warm bluesy tones, dial in some gain to add a bit of grit to your sound.
  • Play around with the midrange frequencies, as they can help you find that sweet spot for blues.

3. Rock Tones:

  • Rock tones often benefit from a balance of gain and midrange. Experiment with the midrange frequencies to find the right amount of ‘growl’ in your tone.
  • Adjust the gain knob to add some aggression while maintaining clarity.

4. Metal Tones:

  • For high-gain metal tones, push the gain control to the higher end.
  • The high-voltage 12AX7 tubes provide excellent headroom, which is great for tight and articulate metal chugging.
  • Experiment with the treble and mids to sculpt the sharpness and presence of your tone.

Sample Settings

Let me share some sample settings for different music styles that can be achieved using the Rocktron Velocity VT60.

Clean Blues:

  • Gain: Low
  • Bass: 4
  • Midrange: 5
  • Treble: 6
  • Reverb: 2 (if available)
  • Effects Loop: Off
  • Speaker Drive: Clean

Classic Rock:

  • Gain: 5
  • Bass: 6
  • Midrange: 6
  • Treble: 6
  • Reverb: 3 (if available)
  • Effects Loop: Off
  • Speaker Drive: Classic Rock

Modern Rock:

  • Gain: 7
  • Bass: 5
  • Midrange: 7
  • Treble: 7
  • Reverb: 4 (if available)
  • Effects Loop: On
  • Modulation Pedal in Effects Loop (Chorus or Flanger)
  • Speaker Drive: Classic Rock


  • Gain: 9
  • Bass: 6
  • Midrange: 7
  • Treble: 8
  • Reverb: 2 (if available)
  • Effects Loop: On
  • Distortion Pedal in Effects Loop
  • Speaker Drive: High Gain


  • Gain: 4
  • Bass: 5
  • Midrange: 7
  • Treble: 6
  • Reverb: 2 (if available)
  • Effects Loop: Off
  • Speaker Drive: Clean


  • Gain: Low
  • Bass: 5
  • Midrange: 8
  • Treble: 4
  • Reverb: 3 (if available)
  • Effects Loop: Off
  • Speaker Drive: Clean

These are just starting points, and your own preferences and the specific gear you’re using (guitar, pedals, etc.) will influence your final tone.

Price & Availability

The pricing and availability of the Rocktron Velocity VT60 guitar amplifier can vary depending on factors like location and market demand.

You could typically find this amplifier in the range of $300 to $500 for used or pre-owned units. Prices for new units, if available, might be on the higher end of that range.

To purchase the Rocktron Velocity VT60, you can consider the following options:

  1. Local Music Stores:
    Check with local music stores and guitar shops in your area. They might have this amplifier available for sale or be able to order it for you.
  2. Online Retailers:
    Online music gear retailers like Guitar Center, Sweetwater, Musicians Friend, and Reverb often have a selection of amplifiers available for purchase. You can browse their websites to check for availability and pricing.
  3. Used Gear Market:
    You can explore platforms like Reverb, eBay, or even local classified ads for used amplifiers. It’s not uncommon to find good deals on the Rocktron Velocity VT60 from other musicians who are selling their gear.
  4. Direct from Manufacturer (if available):
    While Rocktron may not sell directly to consumers, you can visit their official website to check for authorized dealers or distributors who may carry their products.

Please note that prices and availability may have changed since my last check online, so it’s a good idea to do some online research or visit local music stores to get the most current information on pricing and availability for the Rocktron Velocity VT60 amplifier.

Pros and Cons


  • Tonal Versatility
  • Footswitch Control
  • Effects Loop
  • Tube Warmth
  • Durable & Reliable


  • Limited Built-In Effects
  • Slightly Heavy
  • Higher Learning Curve
  • Limited Availability

The Velocity VT60 may not be the ideal choice for those seeking extensive built-in effects, and its weight may be a consideration for those requiring frequent transport. Nonetheless, for many users, the pros clearly outweigh the cons, making it a favorite choice for various musical applications.

Velocity VT60 vs the Competition

Let’s compare the Rocktron Velocity VT60 with the Boss Katana MkII, Vox AC30C2, Fender ’65 Deluxe Reverb, and Orange TremLord 30W amplifiers in terms of key features, sound quality, and pricing.

Amplifier ModelFeaturesSound QualityPricing (as of last update)
Rocktron VT60Sweepable midrange, effects loop, HUSH, high-voltage 12AX7 tubes, 12-inch speakerWarm and versatile, suitable for various styles$300 – $500 (used units)
Boss Katana MkIIWide variety of amp models and effects, power scaling, customizable tone settingsVersatile with a range of tones$220 – $500 (new units)
Vox AC30C2Iconic chime, dual-channel, tremolo, spring reverbBright and jangly, suitable for indie, alternative, and rock$900 – $1,200 (new units)
Fender ’65 Deluxe ReverbVintage-style, spring reverb, iconic clean tones, vibrato effectClassic Fender clean tones$1,100 – $1,300 (new units)
Orange TremLord 30WAll-tube design, tremolo, reverb, unique tone, 12″ Voice of the World speakerWarm and characterful, ideal for blues and rock$1,100 – $1,400 (new unit

Please keep in mind that prices and availability may have changed since I last checked.

The choice among all of these amps will depend on your musical preferences, playing style, and budget. It’s advisable to try them out in person or read user reviews to make an informed decision based on your specific needs.

Maintenance Tips

Maintaining and caring for your Rocktron Velocity VT60 amplifier is essential to ensure its longevity and optimal performance.

I’m listing some tips and advice on how to take care of your amplifier. Note that these are generic and can be applied to any amp you own.

1. Keep It Clean:

  • Regularly dust and clean the exterior of the amplifier. Use a soft, lint-free cloth to wipe away dirt and grime.
  • Be cautious when using cleaning products, and avoid spraying them directly on the amplifier. Instead, apply the cleaner to the cloth and then clean the amp.

2. Store Properly:

  • When not in use, store the amplifier in a cool, dry, and dust-free environment.
  • Avoid leaving it in direct sunlight or extreme temperature conditions, as this can harm the components and the exterior finish.

3. Tube Maintenance:

  • If your VT60 has tube components, be aware that tubes have a limited lifespan. Replace them when they start to wear out to maintain the amplifier’s tone.
  • Handle tubes with care, as they are delicate. When replacing them, ensure the amp is unplugged and has had time to cool down.

4. Cable Management:

  • Properly organize and manage your cables. Avoid excessive bending or twisting of the cables, as this can lead to connectivity issues.

5. Check and Tighten Hardware:

  • Periodically inspect the amplifier’s hardware, including knobs, jacks, and screws. If you find loose components, gently tighten them to prevent any future problems.

6. Use a Surge Protector:

  • Plug your amplifier into a surge protector or power conditioner. This helps protect your amp from power surges, which can damage its electronics.

7. Transport with Care:

  • If you need to transport the amplifier, use a suitable amplifier case or gig bag. Secure the amp during transportation to prevent it from shifting or getting damaged.

8. Service and Maintenance:

  • If you notice any issues with the amplifier, strange noises, or diminished performance, consult a professional technician or authorized service center for repair and maintenance.

9. Follow the User Manual:

  • Always refer to the user manual for specific maintenance instructions provided by the manufacturer. It may contain essential care guidelines and troubleshooting tips.

10. Play It Regularly:

  • Using your amplifier regularly can help keep its components active and prevent them from deteriorating due to inactivity.

By following these care and maintenance tips, you can extend the lifespan of your Rocktron Velocity VT60 amplifier and ensure it continues to provide great sound and performance for years to come.


In our blog post, we explored the Rocktron Velocity VT60 amplifier and discussed its features, sound quality, and more.

The Rocktron Velocity VT60 amplifier is a versatile and reliable choice for guitarists. If you’re in the market for a versatile amp that can cover a wide range of tones, the VT60 is a solid option to buy.

I hope you found this blog post informative and helpful in understanding the Rocktron Velocity VT60 amplifier.

If you have any comments, questions, or additional insights to share, I encourage you to leave them in the comments section below.

Your feedback and discussions are valuable and can further enhance the knowledge and experience of the entire community of guitar enthusiasts.


What’s the power rating of the Rocktron Velocity VT60 amplifier?
The VT60 has a power rating of 60 watts.

Is the VT60 a tube or solid-state amplifier?
The VT60 is a hybrid amplifier, combining tube and solid-state components.

Can the VT60 handle high-gain distortion for metal genres?
Yes, the VT60 can handle high-gain distortion for metal genres.

Is the amplifier suitable for live performances, and does it come with a footswitch?
The VT60 is suitable for live performances, and you can use a footswitch (not included) for channel switching.

What kind of speaker does the VT60 have, and can it be swapped for other speakers?
The VT60 comes with an upgraded 12-inch speaker, and it can be swapped for other speakers.

Does the VT60 have built-in reverb or other onboard effects?
The VT60 does not have built-in reverb but offers a switchable effects loop for external effects.

What’s the weight of the amplifier, and is it portable for gigging musicians?
The amplifier weighs approximately 45 pounds and is portable for gigging musicians.

Are there any user-replaceable parts, such as tubes, and where can I find replacements?
The VT60 has user-replaceable tubes (12AX7), and replacements can be found from various retailers.

How does the VT60 compare to other amplifiers in its price range in terms of sound quality and features?
The VT60 stands out for its unique features and versatile sound quality in its price range.

Are there any known maintenance or common issues I should be aware of when owning a Rocktron VT60 amplifier?
Regular tube maintenance and care for the exterior are recommended, but common issues are minimal with proper care.

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